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Commercial Leasing and Development

Here at Kravco Company, a majority of our experience is within the retail sector, but we have extensive knowledge when it comes to the office sector as well. When you partner with us, you can expect our team to expertly advise owners and tenants in the development and leasing of properties such as malls, large retail establishments, shopping centers, and entertainment centers. 


Our team of professionals will utilize their experience and knowledge of the field to identify, manage, and lease out properties that exceed any goals and expectations!

Local Leasing Company You Can Trust

Kravco Company works to balance ownership dual goals, maximize the return on invested capital, and enhance future property values. Achieving a property’s maximum value requires attention to detail, an understanding of the ins and outs of leasing and managing properties, and the capability to manage capital projects impacting property value. 


Currently, we have several properties with space available for leasing! Whether you’re looking for an office space or a spot for your new retail business location, one of our properties could be exactly what you have been looking for. We would recommend checking out our properties listed on our website or giving us a call to learn more as our list of availability could change. 


Like anything else, choosing who you lease properties from is an important decision. You need a partner with experience and knowledge of the unique opportunities and challenges that commercial properties offer. Kravco Company ensures that partnering with us will yield the best possible outcomes because not only do we have the necessary skill set for the job, but we also value your success. 

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